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How SLAK Started
SLAK has it's roots dating back to pre 1996 with Doom II LAN days in the lounge. Then came Diablo and Warcraft II being played by the original SLAK members via a Kali Server we got Lexicon to host. Many a long night was spend in games of up to 6 players over modem with the person hosting enjoying the benefits of the lowest ping and generally dominating ( at the map "Yeoldcastle").

Then, in 1998, Lexicon Internet Services was encouraged to put up a Half-life Server by a group of avid and vocal gamers (SLAK). The server was the result of the gaming community on Lexicon getting together and hassling until a server was installed. Quickly a gaming community grew and SLAK was soundly entrenched...
SLAK fostered a environment of respect for other players, encouraged team-play and as such developed a large gaming community. On the server player abuse was rare and a fair game guaranteed for all - even to the point where AFK HLDM players could face the wall or a corner go get a beer come back and not be shot!.

Half-life was slowly taken over by Counterstrike in popularity, the 1 server grew to 3 and the Games Servers became a haven for dialup gamers Australia wide.

Maintained and Admin'ed by Lexicon employees (all of whom were members of SLAK) these servers allowed the gaming community to develop. When Lexicon was sold up the time came for SLAK to move forward and host their own servers.

SLAK has always chosen their members more on their attitude and behaviour in the gaming community rather than on "elite skilz" as some other clans. The result has been a steady growth for SLAK, which is now one of the oldest gaming clans. The original founders are still active in online gaming, LAN'ing and the online gaming community.

SLAK is an Australian wide clan with Members from QLD, SA, NSW, ACT and Victoria and all are actively involved in online gaming community. Starting with 5 members back in 1998, we now number almost 40. More than half of those are still currently active.

Once a SLAK'er, you're a SLAK'er for life! SLAK aims is to provide gamers with a fair and level playing field, free of abuse, where all players can enjoy their online gaming experience.

How Do SLAK Recruit?
SLAK has has no formal trailing system where people can "Try Out" for Membership. From time to time a SLAK member will post on the Private SLAK forums a player that they believe is a possible candidate for SLAK. All SLAK members will generally then observe this player and take note of how they play online and their general demeanour on the Servers whether that be on the SLAK servers or servers anywhere.

After a month or so all SLAK members are asked to comment on this player and anything adverse is noted. A forum is then held and all SLAK we get their chance to comment and pass their opinion. Should there be any adverse comments regarding this person's behaviour/demeanour then this person does not get invited to join... Sometimes it is the case where not enough of SLAK know the person well enough and in these cases they are usually left to be referred again at a later date. This whole process can take some time, with most players being on the servers for between 8-12 months before even being raised as a possible candidate for SLAK.

SLAK does not inform players they are being nominated or observed...

Whilst SLAK is never actively recruiting we are always watching for like minded players who play online games for the same reason we do. So who know... If you play with the same ethics, contribute to the SLAK Gaming Community in the way you play, take part in the forums, or are a regular SLAkfest attendee (or all three) then it is possible that you are already being considered...
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